How to Choose a Vacation Rental Company

In today’s blog we will provide some important information on what you should be looking for when you are choosing a vacation rental company. There are many bad stories of people in Canada and the United States making deal over the phone or internet with someone in Mexico who claimed to represent a particular property and transfer funds, only to discover that the person that the person had disappeared with their money and were unable to be found.

Here are 10 things that you should consider before choosing a property management company:

1. Do they have a website? In today’s digital age every serious management company should have one, and here you’ll be able to see what property developments they currently represent.

2. Do they have an office in Playa del Carmen? Check to see that they have an actual physical location. If they are centrally located in high traffic areas even better, it’s not advisable to be dealing with someone who is working out of their bedroom office.

3. Do they have a local phone number? If you are renting in Playa del Carmen check to se that it is the local area code 984 or 998, and not one from out of town.

4. Ask them to verify they are a legitimate operation by having them provide you with the proper documentation.

5. Ask for a list of references and get some referrals from people you trust that have rented in Playa del Carmen previously. Speak to real estate agents, property owners in the area to get various options. If there is a consistent amount of negative feedback regarding a company it is wise to avoid them.

6. Check out the company’s reviews online on websites like Facebook and Tripadvisor.

7. Check out their current work in person by going straight to the source. A visit to Playa del Carmen allows you to see for yourself what the property actually looks like.

8. Take a look at their advertising and marketing and see how professional it looks, how much information is provided and whether there are any discrepancies or contradictory information.

9. Visit the actual properties they manage. Check to see that the houses building are well maintained and clean. If possible, speak tenants that are currently occupying these properties.

10. Research Their Licensing and Certification. Check to see if they are members of a Mexican real estate association like AMPI (Asociación Mexicana de Profesionales Inmobiliarios) and if they are certified by CIAC (Certificación de Administración de Inmuebles en Condominio), which is a condominium property management certification